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Body Massage

1 Full body massage   1hr 15min
2 Anti - stress massage   0hr 30min
3 Leg massage   0hr 20min
4 Face and scalp massage   0hr 20min
5 Body scalp and massage   1hr 30min


1 Back massage and facials   1hr 00min
2 Facial massage   1hr 00min
3 Massage and facials  

1hr 00min


Hand and Footage

1 Basic manicure and massage   1hr 00min
2 Basic pedicure and massage   1hr 00min
3 Manicure   0hr 45min
4 Pedicure   0hr 45min
5 Nail care and varnishing   0hr 15min
6 Foot Treatment and massage   1hr 00min

For Bookings Call: +248 2783086
+248 2522310